Leather Working Tools

Students who attend courses can buy from our small range of tools and materials when they come to the workshop. Over the years we have found it necessary to have certain tools made to our patterns and specifications.

Tools made for us in the UK:

  • Stitching clam – made from layers of laminated beech.The pressure of the jaws can be adjusted
  • Pricking Irons – have slim, evenly spaced teeth
  • Paring Knives – are hand tempered, sharpened and ready to use
  • Edge Beveller – shaped and polished, the cutting edge is sharpened
  • Race – sharpened and polished

We take care to set awl blades in small awl handles and polish each facet so they penetrate the leathers easily. The Knives are sharpened and the ‘Spring dividers’ are polished and finished ready for use.